I spread the work, art and image of unique artists. I guide their career in a manner that is consistent with their creative philosophy and vision. My mission is to establish, expand & maintain the Artists' visibility and maximize its full potential in the marketplace. 

Based in Berlin and Barcelona, from where I am original, I work mainly in Germany, Italy, Brazil, New York and Singapore at the moment. For the past years I have worked as a journalist extensively in media and public relations. I have also organised several artistic events.

I help artists to increase their visibility and therefore, work. I manage their development, connections, press and media communication, artists professional relations, special events and social media. I also take care of the intern tasks: contracts, financial gains, negotiation with brands and promoters, analysis and establishment of national and international value, press, coordination of booking agents, agenda, etc. 

If you are an artist interested in working with me, I will be glad to see your work. I will help you to organize tasks and work time, permitting you to focus on creating.

I impart a forward-thinking approach and a global perspective to my work, with team in Berlin, Barcelona, New York and Singapore. Together, we can be the perfect team to bring you and your art to the world.