The smallest Drag Queen in the world. BayBjane is avant-garde, truly unique and one of a kind. She is merely 148 cm tall and is per se the smallest Drag Queen in the world. Colorful, outrageous, androgynous, humorous and completely different are just a few fitting adjectives to her appearance. 

She is a unique type of artistic self-manifestation. With beyond-amazing skills for acting, she stepped on the stage for the first time in Cologne on 2007. From there to Ibiza, Paris, London and the entire world. The limit is the infinite universe. Quickly she advanced to become one of most popular national and international performance-artists around. 

She is also activist and she models for several designers who want to show to the world that they are doing clothes for everybody, also for handicapped people. She fights to help those who are different. A multi-talented actress who is also starting to create her own music. Who knows, maybe BayBjane will soon launch a number one hit? 



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