I'm responsible for the artist's personal management, guiding their career in a way that it is consistent with their creative philosophy and vision.

  • Personalized Management

  • Set Objectives, Planning, Budgeting

  • Artist Relations

  • Press and Media

  • Global Communication

  • Social Media Management and SEO Online Visibility

  • Artist's Events Coordination


I ensure that my clients receive both national and international media attention. My experience in journalism allows me to work with a growing network of public relations and media professionals in Australia, England, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States.

  • Integrated communication concepts

  • Press releases and press kits

  • Press conferences, media events

  • Media coaching

  • Speech writing, pitch writing, copy writing and blogging

  • Media partnerships

  • International press coverage

  • Customized Contact List

  • Social media managing


I am organizing events in Berlin and in Barcelona right now. I have organized events in many cities in the world. Some of them recurring and very successful. I can organize events to promote artists via media coverage.

  • Integrated event organisation

  • Event marketing

  • Event press coverage

  • Dj and artists bookings

  • Catering, bar, staff


Networking to expand artists contacts, to perform publicly for the artists, to attend to events to develop the objective and planning of the artist vision.

  • Artist relations

  • Create events designed for public outreach and media relations

  • Attend events designed for public outreach and media relations

  • Sponsorship research

  • Network customization