ChImo bayo

dj | composer | performer | SINGER

Crucial icon of the electronic music, Chimo Bayo created the Spanish Techno. First as DJ in the best clubs in the country, he then started to produce new beats for the dance floors that became a new and unique genre. In the early 90s, his song "Así Me Gusta a mi (X-ta sí, X-ta no)" became his major hit not only in Spain, but also in Greece and South America. It also reached number one in Japan, Israel and more than 19 countries around the world, and selling his albums in more than 35. It was the best selling maxi-single in the history of Spain and in 1991 he became the Spanish composer and producer who sold more albums internationally, during two consecutive years. That year he toured all over Europe and Asia, including in Tokyo Dome in front of 55.000 people.

His hits are still being remixed by several artists around the globe. In 2013 the international singer M.I.A included his famous beats in the track Warriors. Chimo Bayo is indeed an essential figure of the Spanish culture.  




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